The Loisaida Center is proud to announce

The 2014 Loisaida Festival Artist in Residence:


CABORCA THEATRE CO. presents new work:

7 Dates · Jul 12 – Jul 21, 2019

Target Margin Theater

232 52nd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11220

In Octopus’s Garden, a man enlists the town madwoman to help him recover his memory. At the seashore, the ghosts of his ancestors emerge from the rupture of authoritarian violence, inviting him to dream again.

Join us as Caborca kicks off our 10th anniversary with Octopus’s Garden, the first English language translation of Argentinian playwright Arístides Vargas’s seminal work of Latin American political theatre, Jardín de pulpos. Aurora Lauzardo Ugarte translates and Artistic Director Javier Antonio González directs Vargas’s mournful dream play about trauma and authoritarian violence in Latin America resulting from wars often backed by the United States. The production is infused with original compositions by Puerto Rican composer and ethnomusicologist Pílli Aponte, inspired by the tradition of Latin American protest music.

The cast features Brooke Bell*, Laura Butler Rivera*, Yan Collazo, Yaraní Del Valle Piñero, Tania Molina*, David Skeist*, and Pedro Tormes. Scenic design by Jian Jung, lighting design by Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew, sound design by Keenan Hurley. Stage managed by Alejandra Maldonado* and assistant to the director is Christian J. Felix. Produced by Yaremis Félix and Jenny Tibbels. (*appearing courtesy of Actors Equity)

There will be a post-show celebration immediately following the July 20th performance! Purchase Tickets here!

Lying Lydia (2018) by Javier Antonio González

Open Reading: Sunday, July 22, 2018 @ 7pm

Lying Lydia, nos cuenta el autor Javier González, fue inspirada por los experimentos con la pastilla anticonceptiva en PR, el capitalismo del desastre, y la misoginia.

The author Javier González comments, “This new play Lying Lydia was inspired by the experiments with the anti-contraceptive pill in PR, the capitalism of disaster, and misogyny. Two actresses, four women: Lydia the fighter, Margaret the worker, Jeanne Anne the founder, and Patty the dreamer.”


Zoetrope Pt. 1 (in Spanish)

September, 2014-November, 2014


The objective was to develop and execute a bilingual production of Zoetrope, the story of a Puerto Rican family over four decades between Lares, Puerto Rico and Harlem in New York City.


Led by playwright and director Javier Antonio González, CABORCA is an experimental theater company making plays that move seamlessly between the irreverent and poetic, the personal and political, and the highly entertaining and intellectually challenging – inspired by Brecht’s view that to be challenged is also to be entertained. Based in New York City and working in both English and Spanish, their work includes new plays, classical adaptations, and devised creations. CABORCA Theatre Co. began working together in 2002 at the University of Puerto Rico, continued collecting at Columbia’s MFA theater Program, and officially became a company in 2009. CABORCA steals its name from the novel The Savage Detectives, by Roberto Bolaño, in which a magazine of the same name is the official organ of visceral realism.

Completed Project

In November 2014, CABORCA theater Co. debuted Part 1 of Zoetrope at the Encuentro Festival at Los Angeles Theater Center. This version of the play was drawn up at The Loisaida Center, through multiple meetings, rehearsals, and open presentations/excerpts of their work.


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