The Loisaida Center Team 

Alejandro Epifanio Torres – Executive & Artistic Director

Alejandro’s extensive expertise over a more than ten-year career as a cultural worker, organizer and nonprofit manager, as well as his deep commitment to civic engagement, the preservation of  Puerto Rican culture, arts and social justice are embodied in his work ethic. Alejandro oversees the organization’s community development initiatives, technology, media and arts programs, web development and branding of Loisaida Inc. and the annual Loisaida Festival. Torres obtained his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2006 -A multifaceted artist born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and a committed resident of the Lower East Side.

Catiria Ayende – Administrative Assistant

Catiria is a Lower East Side resident who is passionate about her community, heritage and culture. Catiria has a degree in Anthropology from John Jay College, her interests include social justice research, Latinx culture and art. Through community engagements Catiria looks forward to further learning more about her community’s history. Aside from her administrative duties, Catiria leads various outreach efforts through Loisaida including the distribution of dry goods, winter clothing and essentials for the local homeless population.

Paul Garrin – Creative Technologist & IT Manager

Paul Garrin is an interdisciplinary artist and social entrepreneur whose work explores the social impact of technology and issues of media access, free speech, public/private space, and the digital divide. In 2003, Garrin launched WiFi-NY, an independent, cooperative community wireless broadband network that serves downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. He continues to live and work in the Lower East Side.

Alex-Nicole Edwards – Multimedia & Marketing Associate

Alex-Nicole Edwards is a multimedia storyteller whose work includes news articles, short stories, scripts, podcasts, and films. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the City University of New York at Baruch College. Alex-Nicole manages the Loisaida Center’s social media presence and creates content for our various events and programs. Born to Trinidadian parents who immigrated to the United States, she is a first-generation American and lifelong resident of Brooklyn, NY.

Maylyn Iglesias – Lead Archivist – Loisaida Cultural Archives

Born on the Lower East Side and raised immersed in the neighborhood’s hip hop and punk community, Maylyn Iglesias -AKA Zero- finds her images by walking (sometimes all night) fascinated by the things people do and leave behind and the endlessly creative ways they find to exist in the city. Maylyn is a recent graduate of LaGuardia Community College. Her work has been shown at ABC No Rio , ChaShaMa, EV Gallery, Theater for the New City, The Clemente, Rivington Music Rehearsal Studios, and Hackney Picture House, London.

Artistic Advisory Committee: Loisaida’s Artistic Advisory Committee is made up of a mix of knowledgeable arts leaders in different fields who meet twice a year and are consulted frequently between meetings. We are honored by the support of these esteemed individuals who advocate for the quality of our programming and our mission.

Acacia Network Cultural Team:

Lymaris Albors – Chief Executive Officer

Raul Russi – President

María del Carmen Arroyo – Executive Vice President of Administration

Gabriela González – AVP, Communications & Development

Angel Santini – Vice President of Special Projects, Marketing & Events

Loisaida Inc. is an affiliate of the Acacia Network.