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The Loisaida Center is situated within the 710 East 9th Street and Avenue C building in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, The Loisaida Center spans 9,000 square feet across two levels. Our available spaces comprise: two Open Air Courtyards, a Multimedia Studio, an Activity Room, a Digital Lab, and an Audio Recording/Broadcasting Room, which has a limited capacity and is accessible only through reservations. Additionally, we offer two Artist Studios, One prototyping studio, and one Teaching Commercial Kitchen, currently under development.

Both the first floor and basement levels are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are fully accessible. The first floor hosts two private open-air courtyards. The basement level, featuring a separate street-level entrance, is also ADA accessible via the first-floor elevator. This level includes extra meeting spaces, a large multipurpose activity room, and a small-scale production area. Loisaida, Inc. is equipped with its own elevator, ensuring easy access, ADA compliance, and convenient transportation between floors.

La Yarda, is what we call our community center’s westside courtyard. An area for community events, live music and performances, weatherproof art, murals and semi-private screenings of cutting edge film. Learn more about using this space: complete the Use of Space Request Form.

Activity Room One, is a basic room accommodating a range of activities, both public and semi-private, throughout the year. Additionally, it functions as a platform to present numerous media projects and as a teaching studio for broadcasting and recording and audio/visual content production in-house. Our Activity Room is available to the public for mission-aligned events and activities. More info here.

The Multimedia Room is a versatile space designed to accommodate a range of events, both public and private, on a shared basis throughout the year. Additionally, it functions as a platform for presenting numerous media projects produced by the center, and as a studio for broadcasting and recording audio/visual content from in-house performances. It is equipped to serve as both a production hub and a live studio/viewing area, offering an array of practical production tools within the realm of communication media. Our aim is to introduce audiences of all ages to entrepreneurial opportunities while leveraging the natural creativity present within our community. Through Loisaida Tech and Media initiatives, we improve community access to production resources and lay the groundwork for experiential learning.

The Maker Studio is a dynamic space dedicated to creative fabrication, wood-working, cutting, gluing, general making and cross-disciplinary collaboration. It’s equipped with technical tools like a desktop CNC milling machine, and wood working tools. The setup supports a wide range of training and workforce development opportunities in engineering, design, broadcasting, media production, prototyping, coding, and networking.

The Teaching Commercial Kitchen, currently under construction and slated for completion in 2024, is set to be a fully-equipped professional kitchen. Designed with the intent to offer comprehensive culinary training, this kitchen will serve as a dynamic educational hub for aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts. Participants in the culinary training program will be immersed in a variety of culinary arts, gaining hands-on experience in a real-world kitchen environment. Additionally, the facility will host specialized programs focused on food quality and certification, aimed at fostering entrepreneurial skills. This initiative is not just about imparting culinary knowledge; it’s about empowering residents to take control of their futures, offering them the tools and training necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving culinary industry. With a focus on practical skills and entrepreneurial development, the Commercial Teaching Kitchen aspires to be a cornerstone in nurturing the next generation of culinary professionals.

The Loisaida Learning Lab has a primary focus on hands-on, practical education and training, a pivotal resource for community development. A certified training center, dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of participants. The LLL is a dynamic environment where participants can both teach and learn. In this setting, learners can delve into various domains, exploring both theoretical knowledge and practical applications. The lab’s cross-disciplinary approach encourages creativity and innovation, allowing participants to merge different fields of study, thus fostering a more comprehensive understanding and skill set. Whether it’s mastering new software, understanding media production, or exploring the latest in tech innovations, the Loisaida Learning Lab is committed to provide the tools and expertise needed to empower our community members, not only enhancing their personal development but also contributing to the broader growth and vitality of our community.

The Loisaida Multimedia Studio doubles as both a production suite and a live studio/viewing area. This space is outfitted with an extensive range of practical production tools, catering to various aspects of communication media. Our objective with LoisaidaTV is not just to offer technical resources; it’s to cultivate an environment where a diverse, multi-generational audience can engage with and learn about entrepreneurship through media production.