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The Facilities

The Loisaida, Inc. Community Center facility is 9,000 square feet on two levels within the 710 East 9th Street and Avenue C building in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan NYC. The building, also houses has a partnering residential component of 55 units of housing for youth aging out of the NYC Foster Care System.

COVID19 Remediation Usable Spaces include: 1 Open Air courtyard, 1 Theater/Multimedia Studio space, 1 Activity Room; max occupancy of up to 75 persons or as allowed. 1 Digital Laboratory, and 1 Audio Recording/Broadcasting Booth with limited occupancy, available by appointment. 1 Photography/Artist Studio, 1 Shared Office Area, and 1 Makerspace.

First floor and Cellar levels are ADA compliant and completely accessible with its own private entrance. On the 1st floor there are 2 studio, performance/multipurpose spaces, video control room and audio recording booth, a basic galley kitchen, as well as accessible bathroom facilities. There are two large private open air spaces, one which is for public use and a backyards area that are all located on the first floor. The second ground floor/cellar level also has its own secured entrance accessible from street and ADA accessible through the first floor elevator. The Cellar level houses additional meeting space, as well as one large multipurpose activity room, and one small-scale manufacturing area. Loisaida, Inc. has its own elevator, which allows for ease of use, ADA accessibility, and transport from both levels.

La Yarda, The Courtyard

Description: We call the community center’s courtyard “La Yarda”,  an outdoor space suitable for community gatherings, musical presentations, weather resistant artistic installations and evening film screenings. La Yarda provides a “Plein-Air” area for private/public community meetings.La Yarda is open to the public! Fill out the Use of Space Request Form here for more information.

Activity Room One

The Loisaida, Inc. Multimedia Room is an adaptable multi-use space that can hosts a variety of public/private events throughout the year on a non-exclusive basis. The space also serves as an outlet for showcasing many of the center’s media productions, as a broadcasting and audio/visual recording studio for in-house performances.

 The Semillero

The Semillero at Loisaida Inc. Arts and Culture Center is an idea activation space for creative training, workforce development, prototyping and cross-disciplinary collaboration in the fields of STEM. Our space is outfitted with specialty technical equipment such as a CNC milling machine, a laser cutter, 3D printers, and further audiovisual media equipment to support training in the following fields: Engineering, design, Broadcasting, Media Production, Prototyping, Coding, and Networking, etc. Key members, artistic residents and participants are also nurtured by Loisaida’s original events consisting of: demonstrations, panels, town-halls, and programs for Latinx and Caribbean cultural producers, as well as involvement in large-scale event productions such as the historic Loisaida Festival.

Summary of aims for the Semillero are:

A) Bolster and capitalize on the Loisaida brand. Find intersections with Nuyorican, Latinx and Caribbean legacy of cultural citizenship and urban innovation that enable creatives to capture the value of the Loisaida identity.

B) Create year-round marketplace opportunities. Build upon the success of the Loisaida Festival to bolster the Loisaida brand and create year-round marketplace opportunities for Semillero users.

C) Create multiple entry points. The needs and resources of the intended constituencies vary greatly. Loisaida can implement programming with multiple entry points and tiered access levels for users. Flexible programming will help ensure broad reach.

D) Conduct an education-intensive launch. An education and training intensive launch will help ensure intended constituencies achieve and proliferate access to the resources Semillero offers. There is a lack of demand from the immediate community for the specialized equipment offered by ES. Loisaida can build demand for these resources by empowering community leaders with equipment fluency and offering free training to the greater local community.

Initial Design Renderings:

The Commercial Teaching Kitchen

Under Construction and expected to be completed by 2022. It will be a complete commercial kitchen that aims to train participants of the culinary training program in diverse Culinary Arts, provide food quality and certification programs that develop an entrepreneurial approach to empower residents and take ownership of their future.

Artist Rendering:

Cross-disciplinary Education & Training Capacity:

Loisaida Learning Lab

Our facility was created with education and training at the forefront of its core capabilities. We have accomplished this by mirroring the standards and requirement needed to become a certified training center for our community. In accomplishing this task participants will be given an opportunity to teach and learn a in multitude of areas that will foster knowledge and creative applications in the areas of information technology and media arts.


Multimedia Broadcasting Audio/Visual Production Room:
Our facility will provide an in-house production and live studio/viewing space on site, that has the capacity to provide and support a wide breath of real world production tools in the field of communication media. Our goal is to expose a multi-generational audience to a level of entrepreneurship and take advantage of the inherent creativity of our community. Loisaida Tech and Media programming will enhance the community’s access to technology and provide a foundation of knowledge for that we hope brings life-changing experiences.