Loisaida Basketball

Basketball Tournament photos by Andre Cirilo (16U Girls Green and Red Team)
Basketball Tournament photos by Andre Cirilo (16U Girls Green and Red Team)

A Loisaida Basketball Story

Supporting Basketball and Sports related activities for our community’s youth.

At Loisaida Inc. we have continuously supported local sports leagues and other youth physical activities since the early 1980’s. In 2018, Lower East Side resident and community leader Jesse Brennan came to Loisaida Inc. Culture and Arts Center with the idea of creating a basketball tournament for the neighborhood, by the neighborhood. Jesse worried that these type of sports related events had been decreasing in our community from the days when he was growing up on Avenue D. Now a proud uncle, Jesse wanted to organize a community basketball tournament, one where his young nephew could soon look up to participating every year.

With Jesse’s encouragement, Alejandro Epifanio (Director at Loisaida Inc.) a long time basketball fan himself, they both set out to make this dream tournament happen. A year later, with the advice and experience of Loisaida community leader and retired MLB Charities Relations Director, Tom Brasuell took upon himself to raise the bar for us to envision the tournament as a top-class community sporting event. Loisaida Inc. Center inaugurated the first Loisaida Basketball Tournament on May 25th, 2019 at Dry Dock playground on 10th Street and Avenue D during the month of May and as part of the Loisaida Festival month of activities. Thanks to Mr. Brasuell’s relentless support, Jesse’s inspiration and the work of Alejandro, our first Loisaida Basketball tournament was a huge success.

Now, the annual Loisaida Basketball Tournament provides an opportunity for our community youth to gather and compete in a friendly environment through the game of basketball. With an emphasis upon mental and physical development, health, wellness and growth through teamwork.

And finally, we acknowledge the support from Acacia Network Inc., Detective Hernández from the NYPD 9th Precinct, CB3 Councilwoman Carlina Rivera, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Assembly member Harvey Epstein, NYC Parks, NYPD-PSA4, Empire BlueCross BlueShield and the Boys Club of New York. We expect more than 300 boys and girls between the ages of 12-16 years to participate in the tournament each year, positively impacting their lives through sports and broadening their families ties to our community.

Thank you to our players, coaches and volunteers!

With your support, we can make the upcoming 2020 Loisaida Basketball Tournament another great event!
For sponsorship opportunities and additional information, please contact:
Alejandro Epifanio at (917) 745-2010. Or call Loisaida Inc. offices from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at (646) 726-4716

Shout out to our players: Ishan Isaac, Fasheem Paige, Jr., Felix Cuevas, Alijah Ingram, Nick Cromwell, Khiren Ortiz, Adrian Torres, Zaire Bethea, Xzavier Frias, Tylare Oger, Crishaam Chisorm, Kaeron Vixon, Taqail Edmands, Pharoah Carreo, Jayden Lau, Jayden Jones, Kalifa Ouattara, Amarion Kent, Abdel Traore, Damien Matthews, Jalen Matthews, Amani Chase, Joseph Rodriguez, Karriem Taylor, Steven Pina, Elijah Leggett, Robert Gardner, Vermin Peny, Randall Rooks III, Rashaem Chappie, Demetri Prangi, Ibrahima Camara, Mathew Capkreyl, Cardin Pierre, S’quan Butler, Kalifa Diawara, Jahmeek Harris, Pedro Figueroa, Soulemane Diallo, David Abrenica, Diyon Abrams, George Cabrera, Rahshawn Claudio, Robert Avery, Judyvette Avery, Junior Abreu, Brandon Mariera, Jaylin Lewis, Trystan Rosario, Randy Taylor, Jr., James Jones, Jr., Koree Rotger, JJ Edmond, Jayden Fraser, Jayden Lau, Tryston Rosario, Randy Taylor, Jaime Webb, Kalifa Ouattara, Amarion Kent, Brandon Mariera, James Jones, Jaylin Lewis, Abdel Traore, Xzavier Frias, Amani Chase, Jalen Matthews, Joseph Rodriguez, Nasir Nicholas, Marquise St. Cyrus, Johnny Staples, Damien Matthews, Jamari Joseph, Bryan Torres, Keishawn Morris, Sadie Brown, Abigail Okonkwo, Jada Jones, Racquel Hoffman, Nia Walker, Aleyah Moore, Hennessy Guerrero, Cearia Medina, Tiryah Excun, Skyla Lezza, Athena Sarris, Samiyah Brown, Marietou Sacko, Keylee Santana, Catreece Oden, Princess Bannister and Djeynabou Bah.

We would like to thank DJ Ralphy Ralph for providing the live beats throughout the day, Andre Cirilo and Gary Cruz for documenting the event, Bruce Radler, Mike Collins and Lee Isenstein for giving us the opportunity to use Basketball City and for providing us with Coach Gigi and other coaches who lead the practice and Skills Challenge.

Thank you to our volunteers, Josh, Julia, Tevin, Wilfred and to our referees; Henry, Santos and Joey Brasuell! Thanks to Manny, Herson, Liz, Tareake, Eric, Leslie, John, Raquel, Kareem, David and all of you who provided tremendous help in spreading the word on this important community initiative for Loisaida Inc.

The 2019 Loisaida Basketball Tournament was presented by Loisaida Inc. and Empire BlueCross BlueShield HealthPlus