The Loisaida Cultural Archives honors the breadth of achievements and resolve of the Loisaida community from the harsh times of disinvestment (1970-80s) to contemporary issues of displacement prevention and archival inclusion of LatinX stories and contributions. It does that through recording neighborhood oral histories, art, photography, ephemera, documents while opening these to discussion in gatherings, meetings, exhibitions, publications and more.

The different opportunities and activities offered through the Loisaida Cultural Archives project are designed to introduce the old neighborhood to newcomers and rebuild a community’s sense of place to preserve the history of the less recognized but influential Puerto Rican grass-roots organizers that help shaped the Lower East Side and those who presently shape it.

There is a thematic emphasis on collecting, preserving and presenting Puerto Rican, Nuyorican, Latiné, Caribbean and Afro-Latinx; culture, folklore, stories, ephemera and multimedia that builds on a much larger history, connecting New York City’s Lower East Side Puerto Rican diaspora . The objective is to incite conversation, discussion and community collaboration to achieve common goals of preserving basic human rights, environmental and social justice.

As part of the archives, Loisaida is designing an Interactive Community Board at the Grand Street Settlement 80 Pitt Street Community Center to in part, bring about an overview through altruistic communication appealing to the moral responsibilities of citizens and officials to pledge their commitment to coexist peacefully.

Most recently, the December 2023 exhibition; CONSTANT / CONSTANTE presented at the Manny Cantor Center of both Maylyn “Zero” Iglesias and Marlis Momber’s photographic documentation of the neighborhood, spanning across many decades was seen together for the first time.

Celebrating citizens is key to the Loisaida Cultural Archives as we are open to hosting workshops and experimental events where researchers, scholars, hobbyists and artists invite residents to participate in cultural and recreational activities encouraging intergenerational cross sharing of ideas and skills. For more information email 

 Conversations & Activations:

Loisaida State of Mind: A Conversation with Marlis Momber and Sandra Rivas

Honoring Bimbo’s Legacy: A Mosaic by Carlos Pinto, John Sear and Chino García

 Cultural Advocacy:



Some of the following conversations were possible in partnership with the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.

 Past Event Listings:

“Opinions like those expressed while in a panel, presentation, performance or through artwork are expressed by the author in their personal capacity and are the author’s own. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Loisaida Inc., its affiliates or staff.”