The Loisaida Center is proud to announce

2014 Theater Co. Residency Recipient:


Proposed project for the residency:

Time frame of Residency @ Loisaida: September 1st 2014 to November29th 2014

Profile: Led by playwright/director Javier Antonio González, CABORCA is an experimental theatre company making plays that move seamlessly between the irreverent and poetic, the personal and political, and the highly entertaining and intellectually challenging – inspired by Brecht’s view that to be challenged is also to be entertained. Based in New York City and working in both English and Spanish, our work includes new plays, classical adaptations and devised creations. We began working together in 2002 at the University of Puerto Rico, continued collecting at Columbia’s MFA Theatre Program, and officially became a company in 2009. CABORCA steals its name from the novel The Savage Detectives, by Roberto Bolaño, in which a magazine of the same name is the official organ of visceral realism.

Website: Click here.

Project in process: Zoetrope follows a Puerto Rican family over four decades between Lares, Puerto Rico and Harlem, New York. Divided into two plays, both developed at Pregones Theater as part of their ASAP residency, Part 1 ends with the death of the protagonist, Severino, and Part 2 follows the same characters in years following. The bilingual version of Zoetrope: Part 1 will be part of Encuentro Festival at Los Angeles Theatre Center in November, 2014.