Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

at Loisaida Inc. Center

We spearheaded several grassroots and front-line fundraising initiatives that provide on-the-ground support for Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane María. These initiatives are based here at our Center, and with the help of our community partners we will continue to assist in as much as we can for as long as it takes to bring help to families and individuals that have been affected the most by this disaster. #PRSELEVANTA #ONE2ONE2MANY

The Loisaida Inc., Center has partnered with Teatro LaTEA to present AbrazARTE, following the successful event where our community raised over 14K, it now continues to raise funds as an online art auction platform where donors can keep contributing to our efforts in a fun and effective way. Furthermore, our Center is providing a headquarters for the Eco Kit Puerto Rico initiative. Various of our community artists have collaborated extensively with eco-conscious nonprofit organizations, journalists and media to assess the needs. In the wake of the Hurricane, it is vital that supplies for recovery are zero-waste and ecologically sustainable given the deteriorated infrastructure of the island, where most citizens are without power nor clean water. Also, our parent organization, Acacia Network Inc., continues to ask for matching donations to their 1 million dollar pledge, please donate here. Lastly, a new initiative for alternate power, Solar Jibaro is a series of unique, simple, lightweight, and small -but impactful- solar-power systems, specifically designed for the most pressing needs of the average household in Puerto Rico. The systems’ main aim is to reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and portability.

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