The Loisaida Inc. Center is proud to announce

The 2017 Artists in Residence:


Poncili Creación

May 21st, 2017–June 24th, 2017


The first objective was to study the Loisaida community and its mural history in order to produce a performance piece that speaks about the problems that the community faces and has faced in the past. The second, inspired by Loisaida, is to create several of their unique sculptures based on the community. The third is to develop a performance to be presented in the 2017 Loisaida Festival and on the High Line later in the month. The fourth and final objective was to design and implement a mural workshop to accompany the performance, that will be hosted in the Loisaida Center as well as the High Line.


Poncili Creación conceptualizes and designs interactive experiences for all ages. The company has been conspiring for over half a decade, the time in which they have shared their work with several countries throughout their international tours to the United States and throughout Latin America, including the Caribbean. Their creation technique consists of several disciplines which lead them to create complex structures that resemble different forms through different mechanisms and means of creation, and these structures, often humanized, can induce placebos and metaphorical experiences to the spectating mind that often goes from passive interaction to active observation, in the attempt of decoding what happens and transforms before their eye. They currently reside in Puerto Rico and dedicate their time to the study of objects and reality.

Completed Project

Starting on May 21st, Poncili began researching and constructing their Loisaida inspired performance piece, which was presented at the 2017 Loisaida Festival. They then, later in June, hosted a mural workshop to accompany this piece, at the Loisaida Center. Lastly, they performed this piece again on June 24th at the High Line, along with the same workshop as accompaniment.

Below is a rough outline of the completed project:

May 5 Poncili arrives in New York
May 21 Loisaida Residency starts
May 22 Loisaida Residency / research / construction process
May 23 Loisaida Residency / research / construction process
May 24 Loisaida Residency / research / construction process
May 25 Loisaida Residency / research / construction process
May 26 Construction process ends at Loisaida
May 27 Final Rehearsal Loisaida / Mezcolanza 7pm a 9pm
May 28 Mezcolanza / Theater Lab / Loisaida Festival
June 10 Mural workshop at Loisaida
June 24 Show and mural workshop at the High Line 10:00am – 1:00pm