The Loisaida Center is proud to announce

The 2014 Loisaida Festival Artist in Residence:

Papel Machete

Papel Machete

May 19th-May 24th, 2014


The objective was to create a “Cantastoria,” in conjunction with Lower East Side residents and for it to be presented during the 2014 Loisaida Festival at La Plaza Cultural.


Papel Machete was launched on May 1st, 2006, through a masked intervention that occurred during the protests of Milla de Oro, Hato Rey, in which thousands of workers took to the streets in response to a government shutdown.  Motivated by the need to be a part of the social activism, this theater collective- composed of workers, artists, musicians, and students- dedicated themselves to creating works, using different styles of puppetry, masks, props, and music, to denounce social injustice and provide support to the struggles of the working class, students, and the overall community.

Completed Project

As part of their residency at the Loisaida Center for the 2014 Loisaida Festival, the collective of Papel★Machete, in collaboration with the Lower East Side residents, created a “Cantastoria” that was presented on Sunday, May 25th 2014 at La Plaza Cultural.