Opportunities to Build Community and  Grow Professionally at Loisaida Inc.

“Our career development opportunities are focused on building an understanding for nonprofit management in the arts field, community based curricula and overall purpose driven work that is culturally sensitive and inclusive of diverse engagements.

Junior Graphic Designer (JGD)


The Loisaida Center is searching a Junior Graphic Designer to work with our program staff in the design, execution, and development of a graphics kit for Loisaida’s cross-media needs. The Junior Graphic Designer(JGD) works “as-needed” and tasks can vary from graphic design to producing illustrations and digital photo manipulation as well as designing marketing and promotional content for videos, social media, websites, and print (including 3d printing and CAD design).

Loisaida’s Independent Tech and Media component, the Semillero or “Seedbed” is the east side’s first Latinx-led open community studio. The JGD will help with the implementation of our multidisciplinary and our intergenerational graphic design needs and the contract is subject to renewal.

The position would also work alongside recipients of our Artistic Residency Program, Loisaida Festival, and LoisaidaTV in conjunction with other yearly events associated with other projects and programs.

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  • Develops and executes designs on a variety of topics making sure consistency is maintained across social media platforms, including website and print and delivers engaging instruction to an average class of twelve to fifteen adults.
  • Communicates and collaborates regularly with core programming team to review graphic design needs.
  • Occasionally works on project-based assignments related to development and administration.
  • Support planning and strategic partnerships to provide skills training and pipelines to careers in emerging tech fields based on onsite equipment and service
  • Assist in tech activations that engage local youth in STEAM+D enrichment programs virtually and on-site.
  • Supports the coordination of promotional assets for special events, programs, projects, social media and websites.


Candidate should have technical proficiency in a varied capacity: CAD, Adobe Creative Suite and/or open source software and applications, dynamic graphic design and illustration, audio/visual production, editing, basic coding, computing and social media, as well as . Must have at least one year experience in education or leading/facilitating instructional and demonstrative environments. Bilingual Spanish/English preferred.


Rate: $1,140 per month, $19.00 per hour
Expected contact hours: 3 hours per day; 5 days per week; or 60 hours per month.
Contract term: Starting February 20, 2021 and Ending June 1, 2021 (4-month)

How to Apply

Application is CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who applied.

A member of our staff will contact you shortly to follow up on your submission. If you have any questions about the submission or application process, please email Dylan Garcia, Program Coordinator: dylan[at]loisaida.org

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Click here to download or print job description.