The Loisaida Center is proud to announce

2015 Loisaida Theater Company Residency Recipient:

Flux Theatre Ensemble

photograph / graphic design by Isaiah Tanenbaum

FLUX Theater Ensemble

February 24th, 2015–April 25th, 2015


The objective was to develop and perform Salvage, a play that depicts a post-apocalyptic New York City and two government officials searching for precious objects in the rubble, encountering people and objects that force them to reconsider their mission and the city they called home. Additionally, FLUX theater Ensemble, aims to host FLUX Sundays, in which up to 30 theater artists will be able to gather for three hour workshops in which local creatives will be able to share and develop their works with an artistically driven community.


Since 2006, Flux has produced 20 productions and countless readings and developmental projects. The ensemble is made up of eleven Creative Partners composed of actors, directors, playwrights, and designers. Flux is the proud recipient of the 2011 Caffe Cino Fellowship Award, presented annually to an Off-Off-Broadway theatre company that consistently produces outstanding work. The company’s productions of Hearts Like Fists and Ajax in Iraq were chosen as “New York Times Critics’ Picks” and in 2008, chose Flux Theatre Ensemble as one of their “People of the Year” saying “This rising theatre company had a hit in the New York International Fringe Festival with Other Bodies, written by artistic director August Schulenburg, and then went on to mount the fall’s most ambitious indie show, Johnna Adams’ The Angel Eaters Trilogy.” Over the years, Flux has received New York Innovative Theatre Award nominations for their productions of Jane the Plain, Sans Merci, Hearts Like Fists, Ajax in Iraq, The Angel Eaters Trilogy, The Lesser Seductions of History, and Dog Act. Flux Theatre Ensemble is a member of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/NY, the Network of Ensemble Theaters, and the League of Independent Theatres.

Completed Project

Running from April 10th, 2015 to April 25th, 2015, FLUX theater Ensemble successfully put on the show SALVAGE. Written by August Schulenburg and directed by Heather Cohn, featuring Sol Crespo, Rachael Hip-Flores, Mike Mihm*, and Isaiah Tanenbaum,* this piece told the story of Noma and Akiko, two government officials searching for precious objects through what’s left of a post-catastrophe New York City. When their manager Dennis hires Mandy, a veteran from America’s many wars, the searchers discover things that make them question their mission and whether it’s time to let their city go. Additionally, every Sunday from February 15th to March 15th, FLUX theater Ensemble successfully hosted up to 30 theater artists for three hours in the afternoon to lightly stage new scenes from playwrights in the community. These workshops served as an opportunity where the group was able to see plays in their earliest stages of development brought to vivid life by a welcoming community of artists.

Cast and Crew

  • featuring: Sol Crespo, Rachael Hip-Flores, Mike Mihm*, Isaiah Tanenbaum*
  • Scenic Design – Will Lowry 
    Lighting Design – Kia Rogers 
    Costume Design – Becky Byers 
    Sound Design – Janie Bullard 
    Prop Design – Alisha Spielmann 
    Stage Management – Jodi M. Witherell 
    Assistant Director – Emily Hartford 
    Production Manager – Kelly O’Donnell  
    Technical Director – Matt Vieira

*AEA-approved Showcase



Now Showing:


by August Schulenburg
directed by Heather Cohn

 Previews April 8th and 9th. Opens April 10th and runs through April 25th

 The Loisaida Center 710 East 9th Street at Avenue C (map)

Featuring the debut of Flux’s Living TicketNO FINANCIAL TRANSACTION REQUIRED!

Reservations strongly recommended. 

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The Salvage Project:

Behind every special object we keep, there’s something even more important: a story.

Flux Theatre Ensemble’s Salvage Project is a series of story-circles where communities come together to share stories about the precious objects of their lives. Through the sharing of these stories, we’ll learn what matters most to the people with whom we share this city and why. The Salvage Project culminates in a free, full-length production of the world premiere play Salvage, which imagines a band of searchers looking for precious objects left behind in a post-catastrophe NYC. Interested participants in the Salvage Project will have the option of sharing their object as part of the scenic design of the production, as well as opportunities to have their stories transformed by professional playwrights into short monologues. Stories and objects may also shared as part of the Salvage Project blog.


The Salvage Project has started, so RSVP NOW!

Developed Projects for Residency

Flux Sundays:

Are you an actor, playwright, or director?

Join Flux Theatre Ensemble’s unique play development process and vibrant artist community for their weekly workshop, Flux Sundays. Once a week, up to 30 theatre artists gather for three hours in the afternoon to lightly stage new scenes from playwrights in the community. Not a theatre artist, but want to get involved? Feel free to join us for the final hour of Flux Sundays, where we share all of the scenes, and see plays in their earliest stages of development brought to vivid life by a welcoming community of artists.

Official Dates for Flux Sundays: 2/15, 2/22, 3/1, and 3/15 from 4:00pm – 6:00pm