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Loisaida Inc. – 710 East 9th Street New York, NY 10009

Where is your donation going?

Loisaida, Inc. Arts & Culture Center is developing the “Semillero” or “Seedbed” which is the name we use for our independent, community based multimedia  & technology component. It is an idea-activator, for creative, multidisciplinary cross-training, prototyping, and inter-generational collaboration. Your support will help our Loisaida community to access our low and high-tech equipment and media production resources in addition to supporting roster of workshops, panels and demonstrations we offer FREE of charge for personal and professional development.

Creativity and its profound effect on our well-being and that of the world are bound together. Therefore, art, culture, fulfillment, and productivity are interdependent. We believe that neighborhoods should act as their own cultural developers and sustainable economic engines. Loisaida’s Semillero is a space for everyone, mentors and mentees, artists and scholars, experts and beginners. We welcome students, young professionals, local entrepreneurs, emerging artists, makers, writers, youth, parents and grandparents.

Your contribution helps our Cultural organization thrive and accessible where all Loisaida community members can come together to be inspired, foster collaborations, and create change. 

Loisaida has survived these past 38 years because of the support of the community. Thank you for investing in our programs, and projects which directly support the preservation of our Puerto Rican and LatinX community and legacy in the Lower East Side and beyond.

*Please visit our community center or email us if you are interested in more information on current and ongoing programs. For any other questions, please fill out form below:
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