by Daniela Fabrizi
March 2018

The idea is to do from 6/8 events between April and May to develop textiles arts skills. From short
workshops to day events, the idea is to integrate diverse groups of the community to share a space while
learning practical skills of the beautiful and almost forgotten textile craft. To create consciousness about
recycling and repurposing materials, we will have different activities to involve this groups and share this

Inspired in artists from the community, artists born artists, for whom art it’s not just a passion but also an
essential part of their lives, I want to create a program that works with this artists for the the people of the
community. This way, not only can we provide artists from the community the space and opportunity to
keep sustaining themselves professionally with their skills, but also employ a different approach in the
communication between artist/teacher-student. This approach would break down the traditional student/
teacher relation into a more equal one, as these artists have likely passed through similar experiences or
at least share the same spaces, communities, and neighborhoods and experiences.

The idea is to work with communities in need of stimulation, attention and peaceful environments through
art, specifically through the use of textiles, my material. Through shorter or longer workshops and events,
the goal is trying to expand not only the creative energy of this sectors, but more importantly, to provide a
space of comfort and sharing through skills development. The intention is not only to develop skills with
populations that aren’t necessarily used to creating art or have an art education, but further, to use art as
a channel to produce positive ideas, infuse lives with tranquility, and potentially have this tranquility
positively impact their environment.

-To search for healing through craft, so that participants feel productive, but most importantly so that
these spaces become a moment of sharing in a positive environment with an artistic product.
-To inspire community members’ minds, stimulating critical thinking and contemplations about world
issues, starting with their own community.
-To give different artists from the community the opportunity to interact with their own community
members and city though their vocation and passion.
-To use textiles as the principal material, not only because it is my medium as an artist, but also because
it’s an ideal platform to repurpose fabric and rethink its value. Textiles are uniquely suited for recycling, as
unlike other art materials, textiles are always around us and can be reused in many creative ways.
-To help different sectors of the community to be creative, productive and independent, and to seek
border recognition of their skills and capabilities. Inspire, engage, empower them.

-INTEGRATION: Involving diverse groups in creative activities experiences improves physical, mental and
emotional health and well being. Through this groups activities we continue building community in positive
alternate ways.
-Rescue textile traditions that with time and technology have start to be forgotten. It its the perfect time, as
we are currently living with the last authentic generation that has this knowledge that will be lost if we
don’t revive it. Not only its beautiful as an art expression but also, very practical in life basic needs. We
could all use some hand sewing, alterations skills, basic knots, and recycling materials and repurposing
consciousness. I will use different skills to develop this idea of repurposing, making in the process a never
ending experiment on how to potentialize this intention… this could turned eventually into a very specific
and developed program.
***This workshops and events have the intention to participate in this year’s Loisaida Festival 2018, as
part of the parade and also, for a booth dedicated to the crafts/art pieces made in this events celebrating
diversity and the creativity hidden in all of us.

ABOUT: Daniela Fabrizi
Always inspired by the work of women and her own travels, she is a costumes and textiles lover. Born
and raised in Puerto Rico, and half Argentinian, she is in love particularly with Latin American textiles
traditions. Based in New York, as a freelance in this medium, she has work experience in Puerto Rico,
New Orleans, France, London and Hong Kong; from film, tv and theater to textiles arts work with the
community, now finally she is starting her own independent projects. This projects are all inspired in
sustainability and environmental consciousness, being her first intention to recycle and repourpose
materials, found pieces and fabrics, while remaking and embellishing existing clothes. She enjoys the
most working and sharing her craft with the community, while learning and getting inspired from them.