Loisaida Center Talks 

Youth-led discussion and action board


Based on past civic engagement workshops, attending a criminal  justice town hall, an anti-Asian hate crime roundtable, an interview with  criminal justice student Gabriela Ramos, and research through articles  and social media since July 2020, it is clear that communities are  calling for a significant increase in community investment, as well as  divestment from police departments in order to achieve long term,  sustainable safety and health in communities.


The Loisaida center is opening back up to the public,  offering senior programming and media opportunities to the community,  but are also beginning to host youth leadership council discussions  facilitated by PSA 4 (Police Service Area) at the center. Repeated calls for discussion and action can be realized at the Loisaida  Center with the help of an interactive booth designed to both track  topics being discussed, as well any actions neighbors take to address  the topic. The addition of this youth-led conversation booth to the space at  Loisaida Center will provide the opportunity to host regular, focused  discussions that disseminate information, allow participants to meet  and network, and support actions that can be informed or inspired  by the discussions.