As part of the 2022 Loisaida Artistic Residency Program; photographer and filmmaker Ebony Cawthorne’s documentary titled Tied Together takes an candid look at five New York City young adults as they unpack the attraction of sneaker culture in their lives, communities as they reflect on the urgency of foundational financial literacy in their lives, and how collecting sneakers has been key to understanding financial responsibility.

The short documentary was awarded a Special Jury Prize at the 2022 Toronto Black Film Festival. Ebony is now working on a podcast series that will dive deeper into the making of the film and what comes next for each of the interviewees. Contact Ebony at or Loisaida, Inc. at for more info.

Entre ON & OFF es un programa digital de comedia/variedades en Español, creado y protagonizado por Gilberto Gabriel y Andrés López-Alicea como parte del programa de residencias artísticas en Loisaida, Inc. Center. Andrés y Gilberto han creado un programa de “TV” basado en la ciudad de Nueva York, mediante el cual la audiencia tiene la oportunidad de explorar el teatro “ON Broadway” y “OFF Broadway” donde se destacan los logros de Latinxs dentro del campo de la actuación y producción en esta ciudad.

Made as part of Loisaida’s Artistic Residency Program, filmed at the Loisaida Center Media Studio, and on location throughout NYC. Supported in part by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the New York City Council.