El Semillero (The Seedbed)

Currently in Development, Coming in 2018!!

Description: El Semillero at Loisaida Inc. Center aims to be an idea-activator, a maker space for creative cross-training, prototyping and multi-disciplinary collaboration for the community to make use of our low and high-tech equipment and facilities in addition to the roster of workshops for personal and professional development. Our space will be outfitted with extensive technical equipment, such a woodworking space, CNC milling, laser cutter, 3D printers, and further new media technologies to support the following fields: Print-making, Textile Arts, Broadcasting and Media Production, Prototyping & Coding, and Design. Our members/participants are also nurtured by Loisaida’s original production of events consisting of: exhibitions, panels, community town-halls, artistic residency program for Latinx and Caribbean cultural producers, and the historic Loisaida Festival.

Summary of aims for El Semillero are:

A) Bolster and capitalize on the Loisaida brand. Find intersections with Nuyorican, Latinx and Caribbean legacy of cultural citizenship and urban innovation that enable creatives to capture the value of the Loisaida identity.

B) Create year-round marketplace opportunities. Build upon the success of the Loisaida Festival to bolster the Loisaida brand and create year-round marketplace opportunities for El Semillero users.

C) Create multiple entry points. The needs and resources of the intended constituencies vary greatly. Loisaida can implement programming with multiple entry points and tiered access levels for users. Flexible programming will help ensure broad reach.

D) Conduct an education-intensive launch. An education and training intensive launch will help ensure intended constituencies achieve and proliferate access to the resources El Semillero offers. There is a lack of demand from the immediate community for the specialized equipment offered by ES. Loisaida can build demand for these resources by empowering community leaders with equipment fluency and offering free training to the greater local community.

This initiative has been made possible in part by a NYC Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) Initial Outfitting Grant.

Initial Design Renderings: