El Semillero

El Semillero is what we call the new 2018 Media & Technology component at the Loisaida Inc. Center. It is an idea-activator, a makerspace for creative cross-training, prototyping, and multi-disciplinary collaboration. The community can make use of our low and high-tech equipment and facilities in addition to the roster of workshops we’re offering for personal and professional development.

    • Support vocational and career training for youth and adults in media, culinary arts, printmaking, design, and coding.

    • Build the Latinx community’s capacity to thrive in the economic and technology sectors.

    • Create space to develop and cultivate the cultural art forms and expressions that give the Latinx community identity and voice.

Creativity and its profound effect on our own well-being and that of the world are bound together. Therefore, art, culture, fulfillment, and productivity are interdependent. We believe that neighborhoods should act as their own cultural developers and sustainable economic engines. El Semillero is a space for our youth and elders, mentors and mentees, artists and scholars, experts and beginners. We welcome students, young professionals, local entrepreneurs, parents, and grandparents. We’re building an accessible idea incubator where all Loisaida community members can come together to dream, collaborate, and create. El Semillero is for our future-makers.

Loisaida has survived these past 38 years because of the support of the community. You can still invest in El Semillero, our programs, and projects that support the resilience of our Latinx community footprint and legacy.

El Semillero’s 1st Benefit was on Tuesday, February 27th 2018

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On behalf of the Loisaida team, thank you for attending the El Semillero benefit event on February 27. Your energy and belief in our mission for our community played a huge role in the success of this inaugural celebration. We look forward to building our future with you as a supporter of our work.

Stay connected with Loisaida Inc. as we prepare to bring El Semillero to life for our community! We can’t wait for you to come to The Seedbed and take advantage of all the programs and resources it will have to offer. Join our mailing list and follow us on social media for the latest news and updates.

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We would like to thank Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. for their generous support towards the inaugural El Semillero benefit event on February 27.