The Quality of Life in Loisaida

A Letter From the Editors:

Jesse Benhart and myself, Dylan Garcia, are research fellows from New York University’s Urban Democracy Lab and have been working with the Loisaida Center over the past three months. We have been learning about the Center’s goals, activities, history, and community through research and participating in events. This magazine is the product of our research into the community as well as an homage to its history. The Quality of Life in Loisaida/La Calidad de Vida en Loisaida magazine was originally published in March 1978 with the last issue published 13 years later in March 1991. The magazine’s tagline was, “Your Guide to Better Living in the Lower East Side” which speaks for itself as a publication meant to serve the community. The bilingual Spanish and English aspect was crucial for making it accessible to as many as possible. Articles often included information about how cook affordable meals, where to find affordable housing, and how to repurpose used items, among other topics. The goal was to provide access to important information and events, as well as spread artwork and culture. We hope this reissue of the iconic magazine will reflect the spirit of the Lower East Side and its rich history of community activism.


Jesse Bernhart and Dylan Garcia

Una Carta por los Editores:

Jesse Benhart y yo, Dylan García, somos becarios de investigación del Urban Democracy Lab de la Universidad de Nueva York y hemos trabajado con el Centro Loisaida durante los últimos tres meses. Hemos estado aprendiendo acerca de los objetivos, las actividades, la historia y la comunidad del Centro a través de la investigación y la participación en eventos. Esta revista es el producto de nuestra investigación sobre la comunidad y un homenaje a la historia de la comunidad. La Calidad de Vida en Loisaida / Calidad de Vida en Loisaida Magazine fue originalmente publicado en marzo de 1978 con el último número publicado 13 años más tarde en el lema de marzo de 1991. The Magazine fue: “Su guía para una mejor vida en el Lower East Side”, que habla por sí mismo como una publicación destinada a servir a la comunidad. El aspecto bilingüe en español e inglés fue crucial para que sea accesible al mayor número de personas posible. Los artículos usualmente incluían información sobre cómo cocinar comidas asequibles, viviendas asequibles, cómo reutilizar y usar artículos, etc. El objetivo era proporcionar acceso a información y eventos importantes, así como difundir obras de arte y cultura. Esperamos que esta reedición de la revista icónica refleje el espíritu del Lower East Side y su rica historia de activismo comunitario.


Jesse Bernhart and Dylan Garcia

Download/Read the Summer 2018 Loisaida Inc. produced- First Edition by clicking here.

If you are interested in reading more, the entire archive is available at the NYPL SASB – Milstein Division – Mezzanine ((S) AZ 06-232 v. 1-8)

Presenting an Interactive Map of Loisaida:

Created by Jesse Bernhart, below you will find a map, that demonstrates the old-timer’s neighborhood boundaries of Loisaida and, highlights local cultural centers and organizations, affordable housing sites, service organizations, churches, community gardens, and cultural landmarks. These sites were chosen via the author’s discretion, and brief summaries, edited by Jesse can be obtained by clicking on the pins.