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The Production of Nabe The Production of Nabe honors the breadth of achievements and resolve of the Loisaida community from the harsh times of disinvestment (1970-80s) to contemporary issues of displacement prevention and archival inclusion of Latinx his(her)stories and contributions. It does that through recording neighborhood oral histories, art exhibits, and talks. The different events and activities offered through The Production of Nabe are designed to introduce the neighborhood, build community, and preserve the history of the less recognized players and collaborations that shaped the Lower East Side to this day and continue to shape it presently.

Thematic emphasis on:

1) Exchange of Knowledge and History.

Discussions will include local campaigns, stories and photos that are just snippets of a much larger history. The talks are to incite conversation on good thinking, past victories and community collaboration with common goals of preservation and social justice.

2) Know Your Rights.

An overview of basic rules, regulations and responsibilities of tenants and landlords. Since many neighborhoods like the LES and South Bronx have seen a rise in displacement because of illegal tactics, it is important to document incidents and have the tools to hold management accountable.

3) Celebrating Citizens.

An ongoing collaborative calendar of workshops and events. Local and visiting artists will invite residents to participate in cultural and recreational activities encouraging intergenerational cross sharing of ideas and skill sets.

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 Past Conversations:

The following conversations are made in partnership with the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.

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“Opinions like those expressed while in a panel, presentation, performance or through artwork are expressed by the author in their personal capacity and are the author’s own. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Loisaida Inc., its affiliates or staff.”