The Loisaida Center is proud to announce

2016 Artist Residency Recipient:

Florencia Escudero

Proposed Project for the Residency:

By Florencia Escudero,

GULIVER X is a proposal that I have been developing through visiting the Losaida outdoor patio space. My intention in transforming this space stems from an interest in sensorial experience and memory. On my way to Losaida I noticed the contrast with this empty grey space and the surrounding community gardens and I felt that it was important to activate this space.

By working within a monochromatic palate my intention is to highlight the difference between the organic green life and the artificial. The monochromatic is also a result of an interest in cinema and its history. I want to create objects that take time-based experiences and freeze them in a moment.

In order to create this installation I want to visit local gardens and get to know and document the neighborhood through taking pictures that I will then use to create a video of still images in the shape of a giant face.

While I was making the black and white objects I continued to think about cinema and the different effects that are used to create illusions. This led me to the retelling of Guliver’s travels by Milo Manara. In the original there was a man that would wake up in a different land each time he fell asleep. Each time he went to a different land his relationship to the land would change. Sometimes the land was full of talking animals, he became a giant or he became smaller than a mouse.

In the retelling by Milo Manara the story became erotic and instead of a man a woman was the one venturing through the lands. I wanted to push this experience of scale by making a huge book and have it contrast with other objects in the space that are miniature/varied sizes so when the audience ventures throughout the space their relationship to the objects change. The title GULIVER X refers to this character in the novel and imagines it as post gender one. I also thought that it was interesting to explore the connection of the book with the idea of visiting different islands, since the island of manhattan is so closely connected to the Puerto Rican island.

Part of my practice as an artist involves collaborating with different artists. I would like to screen a new video that I have worked on with Stephen Decker, who has created a score for it. I would like to screen videos by other artists the same night and invite Stephen to do a musical performance.

I invited the Artist Karen Tepaz to give a prop-making workshop. Her workshop invites the Losaida fest visitors to create something to wear and then she will photograph them wearing their creations. I have also invited the “Colectiva cosmica” to give a collage making workshop. It was important for me to work with these artists because they are women and Latin American. My goal is to create programming that can occur while I am at the residency so I can attract a new audience to the center that otherwise would not know or visit. I also hope that through the installation I can create objects that have a sense of humor and that the audience can interact with.

Final Presentation: TBA

About the artist:
Florencia Escudero was born in Singapore in 1987. She was nationalized and raised in Argentina. She has lived and travelled extensively throughout the world (Caracas, Kuala Lumpur, Buenos Aires, Houston, Den Haag, Quito, Dakar). She is a multimedia artist working predominantly in the field of sculpture, photography, video and drawing. Her work seeks to explore her sensorial experience of the world around her through the collection of images and creation of objects. She is curious about how information is selected and processed. In order to understand this phenomenon she explores the relationship between object and image and fact/fiction through collapsing both past and present into the same space.

Florencia Escudero has a Master in Fine arts from Yale University(2012) and a Bachelor in Fine arts from the School of Visual Arts(2010). She received a full scholarship to attend Pilchuck Glass School Residency(2010) and has attended the Nebraska Art Farm Residency(2013). Her work can be seen in different publications such as Trapper Keeper, CREEPS annual and Precog magazine.

She has shown her work at Coohaus gallery, Distillery gallery, Splatterpool, Asya Geisberg and Y gallery. She participated in a performance at PS1 organized by the CREEPS collective (2012). Her work has been exhibited internationally in Barranquilla, Colombia in a show curated by Edwin Padilla and has screened and curated video art in Seoul, Korea.

The Center is the Vision of and Endless Self Wownes

I Have Never Been To Heaven

Florencia’s Website: Click here.

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Prop making workshop by: Karen Tepaz

Collage workshop by: Colectiva Cosmica

Music performance by: Stephen Decker