Loisaida Learning Lab

Loisaida Computer Lab has reopened at a limited capacity to provide safe community access to web, technology resources and computer design workstations.

We will continue to provide limited access to families, individuals and groups in quantities no larger than 3 people at a time to use the Loisaida Learning Lab from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. The LLL will continue to operate under this same precautionary guidelines until further notice. Computers/workstations will be available for community use.

Hours of operations for the Loisaida Inc. Center remain Monday through Friday from 10:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

For more information or to access the Loisaida Learning Lab please call (646) 726-4715 or email info@loisaida.org

Loisaida Inc. Tech & Media Center is pleased to have inaugurated the Loisaida Learning Lab (LLL), a platform for emerging and established creators, cross-disciplinary projects and Loisaida’s workforce development resource for creative media and live audio/visual production training. The LLL has served our Artistic Residency Program, a documentary film-making course; MUJER (Media Used for Justice Equity and Respect) and as a “tech-help” center during our monthly Senior Day program. The learning lab has also served as a platform for in-house staff skill-sharing and technical capabilities improvement meetings. From September through December 2019 the Loisaida Inc. expanded its technology resources to include distance learning/remote classroom, a digital sign and video display network, and live digital video and audio production setup.

The Loisaida Learning Lab programming is funded through grants from The New York City Council, The New York Community Trust’s Mosaic Network and Fund and Charter Communications. The open source network infrastructure and programming is developed by our new Creative Technologist; Paul Garrin, who leads the development of the LLL and oversees its design, network, media and equipment working in close collaboration with Loisaida Inc.’s director Alejandro E. Torres.

Current programming includes a mix of open lab community events such as demonstrations, screenings/discussion and other presentations, as well as collaborations with higher learning institutions focused on interdisciplinary peer-learning seminars with specialized class sizes. Later in the year, these collaborations will expand into remote viewing demos/classes to allow people to learn from partnering organizations in Puerto Rico and other CBO in New York City.

Loisaida Inc. has a significant history of excellence in youth, educational and workforce development programing over 40 years serving the Lower East Side/Lower Manhattan. Examples of the roster of recent trans-generational initiatives that have impacted thousands are: Ten original productions, talks, and critically acclaimed multi-media exhibitions, a successful artistic residency program targeting Latinx cultural producers, presentation of events (performances, talks, panels), youth and senior programs, and our signature iconic Annual Loisaida Festival.

In 2018, Loisaida Inc. launched the Semillero, our new idea-activation space for creative cross-training, prototyping, and multi-disciplinary community collaboration. This exciting maker approach will strengthen community ties, broaden our civic engagement, bridge the digital divide and engage the burgeoning digital economy with the pool of talent and potential held by thousands of Latinx residents that Loisaida will work with going forward given a strong partnership with Charter Communications.

Loisaida intends to provide an education-intensive variety of media and technology programs given enhanced technology capabilities. With Charter’s partnership we plan to offer residents programming in areas such as: 3D Modeling, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Intro to Adobe Suite, Podcasting, Photo Editing, Graphic Design, and Intro to Digital Broadcasting and Recording.

The Loisaida Learning Lab will facilitate code literacy by guiding students through specific subscription based or visual and free online learnin

g resources where they can find their own level and develop interest without pressure. We will let students gravitate toward the code space they relate to (i.e. systems/apps or visual/front-end),

to lay foundation for learning additional languages. 3D Modeling, Coding, Design and Audio Engineering courses and workshops will all be part of our Learning Lab. The Lab is dedicated to providing an accessible resource for people of the community to learn different computer applications, design and productivity based skills.

Special Announcement: COVID-19 Precautionary Guidelines & Information