The Loisaida Center is proud to announce

2014 Dance-Theater Residency Recipient:

Jeca Rodríguez Colón

Proposed Project for the Residency:

Rodriguez is currently in the development stages of a piece with the working title:

(M)other’s Politics Performances

Time frame of Residency: October 1st 2014 to December 20th 2014

Final Presentation: January 8th, 2015

Profile: Jeca Rodríguez-Colón is a Puerto Rican performer with over 12 years of experience as a dancer and choreographer. She began her contemporary dance training with Petra Bravo and Viveca Vázquez. She holds a B.A. from Hunter College with a double major in Dance and Latin American and Caribbean Studies, she is the recipient of Hunter College’s 2005 Choreography Departmental Award. Jeca earned her MFA at Transart Institute with Plymouth University. After participating in the EMERGENYC 2013 program at the Hemispheric Institute she began to explore performance arts and public interventions. Her work is connected to different aspects of the maternal kinesthetic language in space and the politics that surrounds it. She is currently part of inaugural cohort of The EmergeLab@BAX, a laboratory initiative with the support of the Hemispheric Institute and Brooklyn Arts Exchange. Her latest work includes a street intervention in collaboration with Mette Loulou von Kohl “Manifest Collective Movement”, an installation “Sneak into My Maternal Chaos” and the performance piece “Desde Adentro” presented on August 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

Website: Click here.

Project in process: Rodríguez-Colón is currently in the development stages of a dance-theater piece that extrapolates the political imposition and violence towards a country, to the transgressions and imposition towards the feminine body. Through movement phrases, choreographies and occasional dialogs the audience will be able to witness how the invasion of a country, influences and affects the feminine characters of the invaded country. Some characters are affected directly by the lack of education, others by the social consequences (alcoholism, violence etc.) and the other characters by the unspoken past of their mothers.